Salon Services




  • Brow Shaping 30 Minutes  $55
  • Brow 15 Minutes  $30
  • Lip 15 Minutes  $30
  • Chin 15 Minutes  $30
  • Full Face 30 Minutes  $75
  • Underarm 15 Minutes  $40
  • Arm 30 Minutes  $75
  • Bikini 30 Minutes  $60
  • Back 60 Minutes  $135
  • Chest 30 Minutes  $80
  • Half Leg 30 Minutes  $80
  • Brazilian 60 Minutes  $135
  • Full Leg 60 Minutes  $135
  • Chest & Back 90 Minutes  $205

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Salon del Rey Services


Salon del Rey Manicure*

30 Minutes


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Salon del Rey Pedicure*

45 Minutes


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La Pedicura*

60 Minutes


Enjoy this custom pedicure that is accompanied by:

  • A Morning Coffee:  El Gallo Organic Breakfast Blend (from local Intelligentsia Coffee in Venice).
  • An Afternoon Spanish Fig Tea 
  • An evening Spanish Fly Cocktail*Continue your Salon Nautica experience with the wHet Vegan Nail Lacquer of your choice!

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Athlete’s Choice Pedicure


This powerful pedicure is perfect for athletes and those who are often on their feet.  Helping to alleviate symptoms of pain, aid in the relief of inflammation and strengthen muscles and joints, this pedicure delivers stress-relieving and detoxifying properties by way of a targeted massage performed with golf balls to increase circulation.  A cooling treatment gel appeases tired legs and comforts swollen ankles.  The sensation of lightness will stay with you all day long!

60 Minutes

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Diamond Manicure or Pedicure

$75, $115

The most luxurious and pampering manicure and pedicure you will ever experience!  Hands and feet are fully exfoliated with a shimmering Diamond Dust mud which is removed with the use of a magnetic device.  This rich exfoliation is followed by a revitalizing massage to alleviate and re-energize tired muscles.  This plush treatment leaves the skin purified and illuminated.

60 Minutes, 90 Minutes

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Nail Services Enhancements


Hydrated Hands or Feet or both

$25 or $40 for both

A warm, moisturizing treat for your hands and feet!




Polish Change


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